Wednesday, 15 August 2012

Enrapture Extremity Heated Rollers

'Enrapture... When everyday hair just isn't enough'

In today's society modern women are always looking to create new looks for less, yet get amazing results. Over the last few years straight has been the easily achievable style using straighteners, providing women with a quick and easy everyday style. 

However with the celeb world putting big hair firmly on the pages of the glossies I think so many of us are now hungry for tools that deliver curls, waves and glam hair just as easy as your trusty pair of straighteners.

 I was very lucky indeed to be sent these* to review, I can definitely say I have just found the rollers of my dreams...

As you know I love a well packaged product, as the old saying goes you get what you pay for I think you can tell a lot by the quality, look & feel of a products packaging.


The Extremity Rollers come in this gorgeous royal blue/purple box, with a sleeve that slides over the top giving you the product details. It has a real salon quality feel to it and sets the rollers off before you've even got to play with them!

The attention to detail even down to the chrome bar that runs along the front of the roller box, gives it a real high end salon feel. 

I wanted to pick out some of the amazing features these rollers have to offer, and how better to explain them to you, than via video...


The whole design is perfect, down the the very last detail. 
I love the hard storage case, and the fact that the clips all store neatly around the rollers, so you never have to worry about them getting lost or finding them when you need to use them! 

A sleek and modern design, you will want to keep these on show.

The cord storage is something only the Enrapture Rollers offer, and personally I LOVE the cord storage, such a simple yet clever feature to keep everything neat and tidy when your not using your rollers. 

One of the many pro's to this set of rollers is the clips that come with them, their unique plates allow heat to be retained whilst the rollers are setting, creating the best results, but there are so many good points, and in comparison to the other heated rollers on the market these really are the very best that money can buy.

Here is my simple guide on placing the rollers in your hair...

The soft flocked design of each roller means they grip in to the hair better and are cool to hold in your hands whilst applying them to each section of hair.

The rollers retail (as do the 2 other stylers in the range) at £74.99, and that equates to around £25 a year, with the 3 year guarantee that Enrapture give you with each styler. Also Enrapture offer a 'Love it or your money back' scheme, meaning you can return your styler within 30 days if you don't get on with them.   

Enrapture are the next big name in hair styling, and you'll want to own all three of the stylers they have to offer, especially is the other two are as good as these rollers! 

Removal is so simple too, in under one hour you'll have locks you'll want to go out and show off!

The only products I used were these...

Loreal Elnett Hairspray £6.49 Boots
Umberto Gianni Glam Hair Backcomb In A Bottle £5.61

I wouldn't recommend applying lots to your hair prior to use, as they could over time create build up on your new rollers and affect the results, when really the rollers do all the work in curling for you, without the need to weight your hair down with lots of products. Simply spritzing with hairspray after you've taken your rollers out will be enough to hold your curls in place for the night.

Here's some pictures to show you my finished results...

What I really love about the Enrapture brand is the fact that they cater for everyone, and really bridge the gap between salon & high street products, giving us all the chance to own real luxury tools for less.

Here is a list of all the Enrapture Stockists

Check out the Enrapture YouTube Channel by clicking here
Join the Enrapture Facebook page, for offers, news & more, Tweet them @EnraptureUK and of course get all the styler info on their Website

Have you used any of the Enrapture Stylers? 
If not, why not?!

CF xxx

*Huge thank you to Maddy for my PR Sample*

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  1. Do you give positive reviews to every product you're sent to promote? It seems so.

    1. I give products my own personal review, especially if they are worth the money I will give them the credit that they deserve!

      As stated on my diclaimer:
      From June 2012 any items marked with (*) is either a PR Sample or received at a blog event/press day.
      This is a simple and concise method adopted by many bloggers.
      Whether gifted or purchased my reviews are never compensated nor untruthful, and always told how it is.