Sunday, 12 May 2013

Tenerife 2013 *Pic Heavy*

Sitting here looking at the dreary rain and grey skies outside with a cup of hot chocolate makes writing this post seriously depressing, those of you who follow me on Instagram will know I just returned from a week in Tenerife with my better half, glorious weather and beautiful blue skies and uninterrupted time with him every single day, oh my I miss it already...

We stayed at the Green Garden Resort in Playas Las Americas, and it was beautiful, couldn't have asked for anything more. If you are planning a visit I would highly recommend you visit Loro Parque, Siam Park, Papagayo Beach Club, Coco Beach & Monte Carlo.

I took tons of pictures, of everything as always, and I wanted to share a selection of my faves with you, sadly your not allowed cameras in the water park so I couldn't take any pictures in there.
Dan & I have already decided we are doing 2 days in there next time we go! 

Our Apartment at Green Garden Resort.....

The first thing we had to do was go and grab some Sangria!Excuse the lack of make up and the terrible hair but we had literally just stepped off the plane! Ha ha.

Monday we decided to go to Siam Park, as I was going to be in the water all day I decided to wear no make up, and scraped back hair, not a glam look!

 I love getting all dressed up on holiday, it's the best part.
Having a tan makes EVERYTHING look better, and I love being able to wear minimal make up. Here's me on our first night out....

Tuesday was a relax by the pool day, it was bliss. We just stayed in our hotel, and the pool was literally 2 seconds away from our apartment.

The poolside furniture was beautiful!

Ah this was the life, relaxing by the pool only having to move to get in the water beacuse it was too hot.... bliss!

Jacuzzi in the hotel pool.....

The gardens in the hotel grounds are stunning, and it was always so well kept and clean.

Time to get dressed up and go out again.....

We found a restaurant we really liked called Monte Carlo, right on the seafront and Dan tells me they sold the best steak he has ever had, it was really good value for money too, and by the end of the week they recognised us and took really good care of us, not to mention the amount of alcohol they seemed to keep adding to our sangria ;) After dinner we went for drinks and we found this amazing place, it really is the best club I have ever been in...

Welcome to
Papagayo Beach Club
This place brings the beach, funky house music, beautiful surroundings and a contemporary venue together.
I spent hours of an evening in here, the cocktails are divine and at around 7 euros each they really weren't too pricey at all. Quiet during the afternoons yet really busy at night this open top beach club is the only place you really need to go if your after a good night out.

So stylish and very TOWIE esque I fell in love with this place, and I am sure you'll agree its just amazing.....

This is the view from the top balcony looking down on the dance floor and DJ booth.

Indoor seating area.....

The first night we went in there we had to start working our way through the cocktail menu, Dan went for this apple martini, and mine was a frozen strawberry daiquiri, both of which were way to easy to drink, and explains why on average we blew so many euros on cocktails, whoops ;)

The waiters and waitresses serve the tables in here, that even includes the beds!
Loved these giant Moet cushions.

On our last night Dan had made a reservation for dinner at Papagayo as I loved it so much, of course that meant having to get dressed up again ;)

look at the beautiful table and the view we had for our meal...

Coco Beach is another beach bar also owned by Papagayo and it's literally a 30 second walk, the cocktails here are a MUST, and you only need to order the exotic fruit pina colada (think mashed up exotic solero ice cream in a glass)

We obviously shopping on holiday, and we found this lush shopping mall, the water features and shops were really nice.....

Those of you who know me well, will understand there is no caption needed for this shop that I found!

I know a lot of you have been emailing asking about my holiday outfits and if you missed my previous posts on holiday clothes catch up with them by clicking right here & here

If there is anything I'm wearing that you don't see on the Holiday Edit posts, please feel free to get in touch and I'll be happy to let you know where things are from.

The last full day we were away, Dan took me to Loro Parque, he had been promising me a trip to the zoo for 6 months, needless to say this more than made up for it. I was just 2 meters from Killer Whales, I watched Dolphin & Sea Lion shows and I even got to see a Sloth, fantastic. Here are a few snaps of the day.

The relationship between the Orca Whales & their trainers is so nice to see, this part of the show was to show how close they were and the music really makes it special, I actually welled up watching this I think it's absolutely beautiful to watch and something I will never forget, I will upload this video as soon as I can.

We are already looking for the next holiday, it's safe to say after 7 years on not going on holiday it has given me the travel bug, and I need to feel the sun on my skin more often than will ever be possible here in the UK. So plenty of saving and slogging in the gym for the next few months, and it'll be time to go away again.
I owe my Mr a huge thanks for this, the destination, planning of the day trips and the amount of thought he put into things when we were there blew me away, spoilt is not the word, and I couldn't have picked a better travelling companion. He was amazing with me on the plane (but there's no need to go into that ha ha, lets just say I'm not the best with flying and he was brilliant, so thanks babe!)

I hope you've enjoyed my holiday pictures, my tan is fading fast and I am not a happy girlie :(

Do you have any holidays coming up?


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