Wednesday, 4 September 2013

How Expensive Is Your Face?

Ever look at your make up collection and wonder how much it's worth? 
What about the products you use everyday, your staple face products. 

I thought this would be a really fun post to do, for my 12 hour work/gym face I like to use longer lasting products, and although I use the same products on the weekend I do add in my special higher end products if I'm going out or to a special occasion. I have a hoard of make up (as I'm sure you do too) and it's strange to think of how many of the products we actually use! 

 Here are the products I use everyday.....

Base & Face Products
Benefit Porefessional is IMO the best primer on the market, although the only stinger is the price, but again it does last ages! Really smooths skin and conceals pores providing a great base for make up, as well as combating shine. 

My beloved Estee Lauder Double Wear, is something I wear everyday, it keeps my skin oil free, matte and looking fresh, I wear the shade Fresco, and a bottle of this lasts me a good 5/6 months wearing just one pumps worth everyday. It also has an SPF factor in it, so you know your skins protected every day. 

MAC Pro Longwear Concealer is my newest cosmetic purchase, I've been on the hunt for a decent concealer for a while now, and this stuff works really well. Always apply liquid concealers with a soft brush and buff in for an even finish, I will do a tutorial on this really soon. 

Ben Nye Banana Powder is something I've been using for years, a firm fave of Kim K's make up artist it's great for setting powder without sitting in the fine creases on your face. It locks make up in place all day and the yellow tones really evens out sallow skin tones for a flawless finish. I mix it up with Bare Minerals All Over Face Colour in Warm for a goldeny tone, this really adds a hint of colour to my face and stops me looking pasty! 

My trusty day time blush is my Dior Rosy Glow, one sweep with the little brush in the compact is all you need for a natural pinky rosy glow to the cheeks. It smells like roses and it's barbie esque hue is just stunning. 

Face & Base Costs: 
Benefit Porefessional £24.50 
Estee Lauder Double Wear £28.50
Bare Minerals Warmth Powder £19.00 
Ben Nye Banana Powder £8.00
Dior Rosy Glow Blush £30.50 

Total £110.50

Eye Products
I do keep my eyes pretty simple during the day, as you know I love a smokey eye on a night out, but that would be too much for work. 

Here are my staple eye products that I wear day to day.....

Mascara I tend to stray from one brand to the next but I really love is the new one from Max Factor the Wild Mega Volume, it's a real steal at just £6.99 a tube too, I've just bought my second one, I love the effect it has on my lashes and it holds up well during the work day and then through my gym session. 

Bare Minerals Prime Time in 'Original' is something I have used for years, it's a beautiful golden shimmer that I wear on it's own to work, weekends though it clings onto your eye shadow and makes the colour really pop. I love this stuff and wouldn't be without it. 

My eyebrows don't leave the house without some definition on them, I alternate between the HD Brow Palette and my Christian Eyebrow one, the Christian one has been going strong for about 18 months now, and you can see it still has loads left. 

I also use my Front Cover Cosmetic Baked Peal box everyday, I use the sparkly nude colour as a bottom lash liner and I love it. 

Eye Costs: 
Max Factor Wild Mascara £6.99
Bare Minerals Prime Time £16.00 
Maybelline Smoky Eye Pencil £5.99 

Total £28.98

Lip Products
Last but by no means least are the lip products I use daily, these do change depending on the season bur I alternate between various shades of these products. 

MAC Mineralize Lipstick currently I'm wearing 'Lady At Play' but I have so many different shades I am forever switching it up. 

My YSL Coral Intuitive lippie in shade 15 has also been on my lips alot this past couple of months, I love it and it smells divine, but i cant help but feel it doesn't have much staying power, so I'm going through the stick pretty quickly. It's great for day to day wear though. 

I also wear MAC glosses alot, again I've been wearing loads of different shades this past couple of months, but great for everyday wear. 

Lip Costs: 
MAC Mineralize Lipstick £20 
YSL Rouge Volupte £26 
MAC Gloss £17.50 

Total £63.50

Combining all my products together gives a grand total of £202.98, I'm actually surprised it's not higher to be honest, and although to some of you that may seem a huge amount of money think of the usage you get from the products, I know I couldn't be without these bare essentials! 

How expensive is your face? I'd love to hear your totals! 


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