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Phillips VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush

I was so excited when Phillips asked me to review their new VisaPure Facial Cleansing Brush, I have always longed for a Clarisonic, but these cleansing brushes are expensive, and lets face it none of us want to pay for a product that doesn't work or deliver visible results, right?

Philips VisaPure
Philips VisaPure
I've only been using the VisaPure for a week, and I am hooked, it gives a real deep clean, without being harsh on the skin.
Phillips claim it to be '10 times more effective than hand cleansing' and I have to say after test driving this little wand of genius I agree, it really does clean every nook and cranny, sweeping away every last trace of make up and dirt.
I was not overly convinced that it'd be easy to hold and use when I first opened the box, but I was wrong, it's really sleek and smooth. 
If you've ever looked into getting a facial cleansing brush before you'll have noticed that you have to use specially designed products in order to use the brush, not with the VisaPure! It's designed to compliment your current skincare routine, and for me that says it all really. Phillips believe the product works so well without the need of adding in additional expensive skincare products.

I'm currently using The Body Shop's Tea Tree skincare system, and I like the fact that the tea tree face wash keeps bacteria at bay on my brush head.

There are some great features this little pink wand of goodness has to offer, I LOVE the timer feature one minute split into three x 20 second sessions. 
I split my face into 3 sections when using the brush, I do my left cheek, right down onto the neck area and up to my underneath my eye area (never on the eyes), then repeat on the right hand side, and then onto my T Zone. I love how clean and fresh my skin feels at the end of the minute. You can choose from 2 speeds, I use the slowest speed on all area's except any where I have breakouts or if I fancy a deeper weekly exfoliation I will use the faster speed all over. I've also noticed how much better my moisturiser sinks into my skin, and I feel like I'm getting the very best out of my skincare now I'm using this brush. 

This shows the VisaPure in operation in speed one & two, the lights are not visible when the brush isn't in use. 
The charging stand allows the VisaPure to air dry after each use and keeps it all neat and tidy, I have to be totally honest when I first opened the VisaPure I really did think it looked like something that you should maybe be hiding in your underwear drawer, but it is sleek and girly in it's design so you shouldn't be afraid to display it in your bathroom. 

The charging stand allows air to pass through and dry the brush head. 
The VisaPure is waterproof so you'll be able to use it in the bath or shower without having to worry, and the protective cap means you can take it on your travels with you too! 

For me the only negative is the plug, it comes with a 3 pin plug so you have to charge it in your bedroom, I think this is a major flaw in the design as a 2 pin bathroom shaver plug would be a lot more convenient. 

After speaking to fellow Bloggers this beats the Clarisonic hands down apparently, the smaller brush heads mean greater precision, along with the cheaper brush head costs (£8 for VisaPure, £21 for Clarisonic) 
You get 2 brush heads with the VisaPure a sensitive one (white and pink below) and the normal cleansing brush (white below) although you can also purchase the exfoliating head (white and grey below)
I'm officially a facial cleansing brush convert, I will never be without one now! 

Boots currently have the VisaPure on offer with almost £15 off, so if your thinking of investing...do it now! 
Boots VisaPure Offer They usually retail at around £150. 

Do you own a cleansing brush? 

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