Tuesday, 16 October 2012

My Birthday Celebrations!

Last week I turned 27, and as this was to be my first birthday as a single gal in years I was dreading it, I was sad at the thought of waking up on the day without my ex and that I wouldn't feel happy like I did when he made an effort to make my day special.

Well I am pleased to report I couldn't have been more wrong!!

What an amazing birthday, one I wont forget in a hurry.

Upon coming into work I had cards waiting for me, and a cute little plant... these little thoughts were enough to make me feel that my day was going to be special after all.

My actual day of birth was Thursday the 11th of October, after returning home to work my housemates had gone to a huge effort for me...

Banner on my front door :)

Balloons & Banner on my Bedroom Door :)

Presents & Cards were a lovely surprise to come home too :)

In addition to these lovely gestures, my phone had been going crazy all day, and I was definitely feeling the love with a huge amount of birthday messages on my Facebook & Twitter, thank you to all of you for thinking of me on my special day :)

Followed by a Chinese for tea on the Thursday night, and the standard bottle of wine of course I was well in birthday mode :) and the nights out hadn't even arrived yet...

And those of you who know me well will know that my Hello Kitty cake was the perfect ending to the evening :) 

After getting my Friday at work outta the way, It was time to party! I had 2 nights out to look forward to, the one on Friday night was a booze cruise to celebrate someone else's birthday, so double celebration, and lets just say I had the BEST night ever...here are some pictures from the night..

Dress River Island £25, Blazer Primark £7 & Shoes Ebay £25

Booze Cruise Boat

Me & My Wife Amanda

Me, Amanda & Janine

My Hott Wifeys

Me & Ryan the other Birthday Boy!

Me & Ryan
The booze cruise was 4 hours of fun & then we all hit the town after, It was so good to let my hair down and party, I definitley needed it!

After only a couple hours sleep I woke up the next day and the thought of having to go out the same evening was a little cringeworthy! Never the less, being a blogger I have the best in cosmetics to hide a multitude of sins, so at 7 in the evening I jumped in the shower and poured out another drink...

After an hour of prepping I was ready for my night out with my Plymouth friends...

Little Mistress Dress £40

Little Mistress Dress £40 & Shoes New Look £24

Megan & Me

Megan, Mike lol & Me

Sunday was a day of rest for me, after having around 5 hours sleep all weekend it was a perfect chance to relax in my Hello Kitty onesie a birthday present from my wife Amanda :)

Safe to say my birthday was AWESOME! Thank you to all of you for making me feel so loved and liked on the day, I will never forget the efforts you went to.

Happy Birthday to me :)

CF xxx

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