Tuesday, 29 July 2014

Christian Louboutin Beauté/Nail Polish Launch

It all started back in 1992 when the iconic red sole was actually created using a nail polish, rumoured to be revlon, after sketching a shoe he adored on paper Christian Louboutin felt something was missing, noticing his assistant painting her nails he grabbed the polish and added the red sole, and that was it, the red sole as we know and love it today was born! 

The cult product in this whole collection is of course the trademark rouge, which is the exact shade of red that's on the sole of the iconic shoes. Each bottle is designed to mimic a crystal and each lid is designed to be like a stiletto, the polish does look like its floating inside creating a black to red ombre effect, just like the classic red and black combination.
The cap is designed on the Ballerina Ultima Heel which was part of a collab with David Lynch, each polish is designed to be an object of art and design, and the rouge as it stands taller than all the others is a must have for your dresser.

Mani Madness! Shoes with nail shapes on them sit alongside this collection.

The collection has 3 different elements to it:
         The Pops Collection features intense bright pops of colour with a silver cap.
The Noirs are intense black, browns & greens with a gunmetal lid.
The Nudes Collection are all soft creme nudes finished with a rose gold cap

The rouge polish stands alone from the collections and all feature an even taller gloss black stiletto inspired lid. You wont find the polishes in the beauty halls at Harrods, they'll be displayed amongst the exclusive capsule shoe collection that's being released along side them. 

Rich and highly pigmented the polish is said to be as strong as 20 layers of polish after just 2 coats!
Long lasting, chip free and free from any nasties, is it worth the £36 a bottle price tag? 

The rouge has launched now, shortly to follow in August will be the Pops, The Noirs, and The Nudes and a top coat and base coat.

August the 14th launches in Selfridges, Harrods, Harvey Nichols and Louboutin Boutiques.

From a man who claims to prefer artificial or 'created' beauty as apposed to natural will you be buying into this collection?

I am PRAYING lipstick will be next....

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