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Feature Perfect/Semi Permanent Make Up

I finally took the plunge!
I have just had my eyebrows redesigned and applied using semi permanent make up, by the amazingly talented Julie of Feature Perfect here in Plymouth.

I'm really self concious of my eyes, I think I have really droopy eyelids and dark shadows around them, so I had hopes that by framing my eyes it would give me a more wide awake look.

I reviewed for Julie a couple of years ago as she did my friend's brows, Julie has however gone solo since I did the last review and her new studio is impressive! If you missed my last post check it out right here

I have known Julie for a few years now, she was the lady I went to for my tattoo removal, she is a lovely lady she makes you feel at ease and really gets what you want from your treatment. She is well known for her rappor with all her clients.

Julie trained in Harley Street at the London Medical Centre along with one of the top specialists Deborah Robson, this adds to Julie's lengthy list of qualifications and training in
FAME (Facial Aesthetic Micro Enhancement) she's a skilled artist and has been working in the beauty industry for 10 years.

Prior to my arrival at the studio I received a very detailed letter from Julie, advising me of exactly what to expect, along with a patch test of pigment and some anesthetic which I was advised to apply before my treatment. Julie really has though of everything, even down to reassuring you with your upcoming appointment. I understand that many people may have some trepidation about semi permanent make up as it involves needles, but honestly I promise you this is a beautiful and very relaxing treatment, I could have fallen asleep!

Super modern, and very clean, the studio makes you feel relaxed the moment you walk in the door, the studio has a real luxe feel to it, you can tell your in a quality establishment, and in such an unregulated industry this is such a huge reassurance. Julie has her certificates displayed on the wall and everything is sterile.

I was really surprised at how technical the whole process is, don't be fooled into thinking that eyebrows are one size or shape fits all, because you couldn't be more wrong!
Julie's walls are filled with frames showing before and afters or clients brows, and the various techniques and effects she can create are amazing.
It's not easy designing your brow shape when you have so many options, but don't be put off Julie helps every step of the way.

Everything is drawn to precision, she uses measuring tools to give you the symmetrical brows you've always longed for.
My friend came along as she was having her brows revamped too, it gave me a great opportunity to snap some of the measuring and treatment in action....

Personally I looked through Julie's previous work to get an idea of what I wanted, and after the initial consultation and a bit of measuring she will draw an initial shape on you, this gives such a good visual of how the end results will look, once Julie has drawn them in she will hand you a mirror and asks for your initial reaction, personally the end of mine were a bit too curved for me and after taking a few snaps with the camera and looking back over them Julie made some adjustments until I was 100% happy with how they looked.

My colour match was perfect to my natural brow/hair colour, Julie will customise something for you if there isn't a perfect match, and with such a wide spectrum of colours, my shade is 'Billion Dollar Brown' pure coincidence of course, although I feel the name matches me perfectly!

So once you've talked brows, had some measuring and drawing done, and a colour match it's treatment time, I couldn't wait to get my brows started. Julie explained that the first few strokes with the needle may feel a little scratchy and I can honestly say the only area you may feel it is across your brow bone, but it doesn't hurt it just feels a little hot, after applying the outline of the brow shape Julie then applies another layer of anesthetic across the brow and she then moves onto the next one giving the anesthetic time to work.

The feeling compares to having your brows combed through with a brow brush, it's so relaxing it really does feel lovely, this is the ultimate in luxury treatments, very advanced and will be like nothing you've ever had before.

The process takes around 90 mins, and the first stage of your brow treatment is done in 2 parts, the first to get your outline and shape set, and the second to re colour any pigment loss, Julie has advised some people loose up to 80% of the colour as your body naturally rejects it, so it's definitely a 2 part process.

You usually book in before you leave and you are advised to come back within 4-6 weeks for your touch up, your brows do heal up pretty quickly but it's vital you listen to the after care advice because you need to remember there is always a risk of an infection if you don't care for your new brows properly. So no heat or moisture, and take care when washing your hair too, keeping hair off them too, and most importantly no exercise for 48 hours after!

Julie advised that after the treatment they may feel a little tender but a few hours on I couldn't feel anything, some people compare the after feeling on your skin to being sunburnt, but this goes by the next day so you have no real down time.
The morning after you wake up and forget you had them done, it is amazing to wake up with perfect brows when the rest of your face is au naturel.

So here are my amazing new brows, I hope you'll agree that the effect they have given my eyes , making them more lifted and open. I went for the brush stroke effect on my brows, to create a more natural look, it almost mimics the effect of hair filling gaps and creating definition and volume. Please be aware they will not stay this dark as the pigment fades out a bit after treatment. 
Here are my friends brows, she went for the solid block effect as she wanted the fake look, not to everyone's taste but they are based on how she defined her brows on a daily basis so she was over the moon with them. 

We had a really lovely girly night of pampering, here are our 'Feature Perfect' brows together.....

The lovely Julie has kindly given me a fantastic offer to all my readers, simply head over to the
Feature Perfect Website complete the contact us page with your details, and in the promo code box simply enter 'CONFESSION10%' to get 10% off your treatment!

Brows range from £295-£325 in price, full price lists are available of the Feature Perfect Website.

Julie offers many treatments, so you don't have to go for brows, maybe lip liner or eyeliner is more you? Whatever you fancy, make sure you book in at Feature Perfect, you can rest safe in the knowledge that Julie is regulated by BABTAC (British Association Of Beauty Therapy And Cosmetology) and insured, and she strives for perfection as she understands that her clients are walking adverts, she prides herself on the great quality of work she produces time and time again.

 Make sure you Like the Feature Perfect Facebook page to keep up to date with all the exciting offers and news, and of course any questions, just email, post a comment or contact Julie directly using her contact us form, she is fully booked until early September so don't delay, get yourself booked in!

Our results speak for themselves, as does all of Julie's work.

What are you waiting for? Time to get Feature Perfect!

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