Wednesday, 29 October 2014

Forever Living 'Flawless' By Sonia/Guest Post Featuring Hailey Slade

I was tagged in a post on Instagram recently by my lovely friend Hailey, she wanted to share some new cosmetics she's been using and I thought what a better way to share them with you all than to ask her to guest post. 

Hailey has been using some products by a US based company called Forever Living, although they are available through their UK online shop by clicking here delivery takes just 3 days!
These products are all a part of their 'Flawless By Sonia' Range. 

This is my review on the amazing products from the Forever Living ‘’Flawless by Sonya’’ range. 
All of the products are 100% natural, Aloe Vera based, GM herbicide & pesticide free, and totally animal cruelty free. 
The products I've been reviewing are: 
The Lengthening Mascara, Black Eyeliner, BB Creme, &; Cherry Red Lipstick. 
I was amazed at the effect the Lengthening Mascara £20,54 had on my lashes, the fine bristled comb makes application so easy, especially on those hard to coat lashes in at the corners of your eye. 
The Eyeliner £10.89 is extremely soft, therefore really easy and comfortable to apply, great for inner and outer eye lining, comes out nice and dark too. It also lasts all day without any smudging or spreading. 

The BB Creme £31.38, is my favourite product from this range, and absolutely incredible! 
They sell only 2 tones, a nude for pale skin and a Cocoa for dark skin, once applied the creme blends with your own skin tones. It is also a concealer and has a Spf 20! Again this lasts all day without fading, and covers evenly. 
The Cherry Red Lipstick £16.64 has a nice fine sheen and can be built up to as bold of a red as you like, applies like a tinted lip balm so isn't a very bold red, but more of a subtle tone, which I like. This is the first red lipstick I have found that doesn't spread or bleed! 

I am so in love with the Flawless by Sonya Range, and would recommend it to anyone and everyone! 
Even better that they’re 100% natural, therefore anyone with problem skin will feel the benefits from the Aloe Vera. 

I'm sure you'll agree these products look absolutely amazing, thank you Hailey. The look of all the products combined really do look great, peronally I'm very jealous of how fab your skin looks, and those pretty eyes of yours! 

Not only has Hai got a great eye for fab cosmetics but she's also a genius when it comes to her work, head over to her Facebook page Tattoos By Hai to check out her talents...not just a pretty face! 

It's been a pleasure to have you guest post for me Hailey, make sure you keep me posted on any new purchases, this could become a regular feature. 


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