Sunday, 26 October 2014

Louboutins/A Dream Come True!

I can't actually believe I'm writing a post on my dream shoes, for at least 10 years I've only ever dreamt of owning a pair of Louboutins, and now I do.

The iconic red sole, something I've only ever lusted after never actually thinking that one day my dream would come true.

My birthday was on Saturday the 11th of October, I was in London and my other half suggested a trip to Harrods in Knightsbridge for a spot of Birthday shopping, shoe heaven on level 5 is literally just that, its a maze, floor to ceiling full of designer shoes. I headed straight for Christian Louboutin as I'd had my eye on the Simple Patent Pump so I found them and tried them on, I have to say I felt a little deflated as they just looked awful.

I continued around the store and picked up loads of different styles and tried them all on, nothing gave me the feeling of 'oh my I love these' and then I spotted them, the beautiful Ron Ron 100mm sat there in all their glory.The classic red and black combination the sensible heel height and the suede finish meant they just fitted my feet like a glove and as soon as I tried them on I knew they were the ones.
The sizing is meant to run really small and Louboutin always advise taking a size up, but the 37's in the Ron Ron fitted me just perfectly. I felt like Cinderella must have when that glass slipper was placed on her foot.

I can honestly say nothing beats the feeling of  my first pair, I am still on a high now I keep opening my wardrobe to look at them, I'm sure you'll agree my face in this picture says it all.....
The woman in the boutique advised that the red soles will mark and wear on the first use, and your reminded of this on the receipt.....

So I'm now trying to contemplate where is best enough to wear them. You can have them resoled at just one specialist boutique cobbler called Minuit Moins (7 mints to midnight) for just £25 which I thought is really reasonable. They will have a much more hard wearing rubber sole applied to them after wearing the red off initially, or if you like the iconic red leather then they can even replace that too, think of them as the Louboutin hospital. 
You can shop the Ron Ron 100mm via the Louboutin website they retail at £425, these are at the cheaper end of the scale for Louboutins as prices can vary of anything up to £5,000, never the less I love my shoes so much, I feel so fortunate and lucky to own a pair after wanting them for so long. 

I know he reads my blog so I'd like to say a huge thank you to my other half, your amazing! 

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