Friday, 7 November 2014

Dermalogica/Normal to Oily Skin Kit Trial

Time to take the plunge and see what all the hype is about.
I know Dermalogica has been around for a long time and my theory behind giving it a go is that the millions of people who use it worldwide cant be wrong. I've used the Body Shop Seaweed Range for years now and although its OK, it's just that, it works well but I still get really fed up with my monthly breakouts.

I suffer with PCOS and I think on the whole I am very lucky to have such good skin, I know many women who suffer with this somewhat complicated condition and they suffer terrible acne, so I almost feel bad for complaining but my skin does get me down when it flares up.

I'm giving this skin kit a go for the next 4 weeks and I'll keep a diary of how my skin looks over the course of a typical month, it might not be pretty, it might be great, only time will tell, I'll update you with the results just before Christmas.

If you'd like to join in my trial head over to Dermalogica UK Store and pick up your very own skin care kit.

Check back in a few weeks to see how I get on, I used my products last night and this morning and I have to say it felt like I'd had a spa facial, the products feel lovely on the skin.

I'm trialling the Normal/Oily kit and it consists of:
Special Cleansing Gel, Multi Active Toner, Active Moist, Skin Prep Scrub and the Total Eye Care Cream, there are also samples of the mask and the pre cleanse so I'll give these a go as advised great value for under £25, and these sizes will be perfect for my gym bag so fingers crossed it works!

Here's to clear skin for Christmas.

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