Thursday, 5 March 2015

Real Techniques/Sculpting & Concealer Brushes

I know not all of you have given into the Bold Metals range that Real Techniques recently launched, and I am really pleased to see that they are continuing to add to the line of originals.
Meet the newest arrivals.....

The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush £9.99 & The Real Techniques Concealer Brush £7.99 the body of the brushes are colour coded as your used to with the originals, the sculpting brush is part of the finishing collection, and the concealer brush is part of the base collection.

As with all the Real Techniques brushes the bristles are cruelty free and made from super soft taklon. 

The Concealer Brush is perfectly shaped to fit in around the narrows of the nose, under the eyes and around the eyes, although I have to say the shiny coating on the bristles make it a little difficult to blend with, a bit of a disappointment really but it has good product pick up, you may want to reach for a softer brush for the blending.
You could use this as a highlighting brush as it would pick out the details of the face beautifully. If you've tried the original foundation brush its a miniature version of that, the shape is exactly the same so the bristles are angled for ease of use. 

The Real Techniques Sculpting Brush is a great starter if you are new to contouring, the brush is a perfectly formed oval shape and the bristles are so dense, super soft and fluffy. 
This brush blends beautifully and the product pick up is great. You could use this with powder or cream formula products and build up the intensity. I'm really impressed with how versatile this brush is. 
Of the two I'd have to say I prefer the sculpting brush, although a good product the concealer one is just let down slightly on blend-ability.As with all the RT brushes they wash and dry beautifully and they come up looking like new. I use a baby shampoo on mine to wash them and do this once a week to keep bacteria at bay.
*PR Sample

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