Monday, 6 July 2015

Clarins/Beauty Flash Eye Revive

I'm always on the quest for the ultimate eye cream, I am so paranoid about my dark circles although I've almost come to accept they must be genetic so I don't think I'll ever get rid of them :( I drink so much water, don't smoke, get enough sleep etc so I really do all I can to help prevent them. 

I've been using this cream by Clarins over the last 6 weeks in the hope that it'll make a difference, and although it won't banish my stubborn dark circles it's definitely improved them. 

This lovely thick yet easily absorbed cream has a gentle rose scent and once patted around the eyes it gives a lovely lifted and slightly tightened feeling. There's no stinging feeling like some lifting and tightening creams and this does feel truly gentle on the eyes. 

You'll see in the top shot before I started using the cream I had small purple/blue veins along my lower lid and very purple/blue circles, in the bottom shot you'll see those small veins are gone and the darkness has lightened. 
I find my make up applies much more smoothly and doesn't sit in any fine lines or creases. 

Retails at £29 per tube and will last forever as a little goes a long way, I apply mine morning and night. Head over to the Clarins Website to pick up yours now.

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