Monday, 13 February 2012

HD Brows

Following the celeb trend I thought I better road test HD Brows for you all...so I popped along to The Brow & Lash Bar in Plymouth, and was greeted by a lovely HD Brow Tech Becca.

What is HD brows??
HD brows treatment includes: 
Tinting, Waxing, Tweezing, Threading, Fresh Mineral Make Up & Eyebrow Pencil, to create fabulous
defined eyebrows. This amazing treatment lifts the eye and frames the face, it is not a permenant prodedure
so therefore needs to be repeated to keep them looking fantastic every 4-6 weeks.

HD Brows is a high-precision procedure that transforms even the most over plucked brow into its perfect
shape, dramatically enhancing your facial features. Based on the ancient art of 'threading', the treatment
consists of seven unique procedures that are performed by highly trained and skilled HD Brows stylists.

This isn't just shaping and tidying–HD Brows is eyebrow artistry.

And my over waxed & out of shape brows were well in need of a fix! 
So here they are ungroomed for 3 weeks before my brow treatment....

Awful! I'm sure you'll agree! 

Becca worked her HD Brow magic on me, starting with a consultation to discuss what brow shape
would suit my face & and ideas I had for how I want my brow to look. 

I wanted the fullness back in my brows, they do nothing for my eyes, I look tired etc and I really wanted
more definition...you may not get the brow you want from the first treatment as you might need to let
your brows grow a bit etc so that eventually they can be shaped into the style you want.
I have to let mine grow at the arch, as they have been plucked to death! 

She then tinted my brows, combed them through, waxed them, tweezed them, threaded them, and
pencilled them a little bit too....

And they now look like this.....

So just to compare...

After HD Brow Treatment


I love my new HD Brows! I really think they look so much more defined & really lift my eyes.

Check out their website to find a technician near you: http://www.hd-brows.co.uk/

What do you think? Will you be getting HD Brows?

CF xxx

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  1. Hi new follower here and also a HD Brow convert I have just posted my own reveiw on my blog too :)
    Love you blog fab visuals :)
    Hugs & Fairy wishes
    Heather x