Saturday, 25 February 2012

Panda Mani

Since my nails have grown thanks to the regular use of my OPI Nail Envy, I wanted to do something a little different.

So i thought I would recreate a panda mani i had seen a while ago, the great thing about this design is that your nails can be almost any length to do the design, mine are not super long but i think it still looks good.

Here is a step by step guide so you to can create your very own Panda Mani :)

You really don't need many products either which is fab, to do the Panda Mani all you need is....

MO Topcoat, MO Nail Art Pen, Barry M Black & White Polish & Dotting Tools
What you need:
  • Barry M Polish Shade 66, Matt White, from Boots £2.99
  • Barry M Polish Shade 47, Black, from Boots £2.99
  • Models Own Nail Art Pen, from Boots £6.00
  • Models Own 3 in 1 Base/Top Coat/Gloss, from Boots £5.00
  • Dotting Tools, Pack of 6, from Ebay under £3

First make sure you prep your nails with a coat of base coat, if you don't have a base coat a topcoat will do, it helps your polish last longer & prevents staining of your natural nails. 

Then taking the white Barry M polish (matt white shade 66) simply paint it up half your nail bed, and you don't have to be really neat here, so don't worry if you don't have a steady hand!

Then using the largest ball on one of your dotting tools simply pop 2 black dots on the line of the white polish, again it doesn't have to be neat in fact the less perfect the cuter the effect I think!

And again using the smaller end of one of the dotting tools place dots almost at the end of your nails to make the noses of the panda....

And finally pop in the black dots for the eyes, you should end up with 5 dots on the white that look like this...

Now you'll need to get white polish and a tiny dotting tip, to make the whites of the eyes, and the you make the middle of the eyes black by using the nail art pen.

To seal in your Panda's make sure you pop a coat of topcoat over the finished design, when its all dry of course!

And there you have it, perfect Panda Mani :) Super Cute don't you think?!

If you try out the Panda Mani i would love to see your nails too!

CF xxx

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