Thursday, 23 February 2012

Sweet Lily Sparkles!

For my regular readers you'll remember a few weeks ago I posted up some amazing sweetie jewellery, hand crafted by my lovely friend Kayleigh...owner of Sweet Lily Sparkles.

In that time Kayleigh has expanded her range of products, and I wanted to share some of the gorgeous new items with you.

As I've been at home recovering from an operation this week, her parcel really put a smile on my face.

I opened it to find these 'Love Heart' sweetie goodies....

Love Hearts Phone Case £10, Bracelet £6.50 & Earrings £3.50

How Cute are these?!
Love this phone case!

In addition to these love heart goodies, Sweet Lily Sparkles now also stock loads of other sweetie faveorites, including Jelly Tots, Jelly Babies, even Creme Egg, so you can literally take your sweetie of choice with you anywhere you go!

I have had so many compliments on my phone case already & knowing how popular my other sweetie items are I just know my friends will love them!

You wont find these sweet treats anywhere else, Sweet Lily Sparkles are the ORIGINAL and best sweet treat company on the market!

As seen on celebs including Layla Flaherty & Carla Cressy, and featured as business of the week on the Dainty Dolly Mix Blog, head over to the website to get your self some of these must have accesories!

Check Sweet Lily Sparkles out on Twitter @SweetLilySparkl
Via their website: http://www.sweetlilysparkles.co.uk/
Or via Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SweetLilySparkles

Thanks Kayleigh, love my new sweeties so much! Mwah xxx

CF xxx

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