Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Day 22

Day 22

I am a huge fan of Katie Price. you have to admit she is very good at making money & has been in the industry for 17 years!

I have read all her books, her autobiographies are so honest they are a brilliant read!

You may be watching her show at the moment on Sky Living, Katie is a real life documentary following the trials and tribulations of the Pricey.

Day 22 is just one of Katie's Business ventures and I have to say it's a real break away from the stereotypical pinkness you'd expect from Katie.

For those of you who may not know about Day22 here is some background info...

Katie Price and Lamis Khamis have a strong love for fashion. With Katie Price being in the forefront of the media's attention and being one of the most photographed women in Britain, Katie is always changing her image and style.
Lamis Khamis already has her own successful clothing brand with fans worldwide and top celebrities included and worked with Katie from the very start of her modelling career so they both shared similar ideas for new clothes designs. Their friendship grew over the years and they both decided to share their love for fashion and work on a clothing brand together. They wanted to create a brand that is stylish, comfortable, edgy and of quality. Pieces you would want to wear forever.
Most importantly Katie and Lamis wanted a brand that is fresh all the time, with new pieces added monthly, being clothes or accessories... so they decided that on Day 22 of every month they will add new pieces to the collection. All the pieces will be of limited edition and never repeated identically... so 'Day 22' was born.

I wanted to share with you my recent purchases from Day 22....

How cute are these tees?!

You will have seen Day 22 Items on loads of celebs, the quality of the pieces is amazing and really worth the money.

With new pieces added to the website on the 22nd of each month you will be spilt for choice!

Do you own any Day 22 Clothing?

Check out Day 22's on line store

CF xxx

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