Friday, 8 June 2012

Front Cover Cosmetics

You will no doubt recognise Front Cover Cosmetics from the shelves in your local Boots Stores. 
I could hardly contain my excitement when I received their Baked Powder Collection to try out for you. 

Baked Powder Collection £18

Inspired by pretty lace themes, embellished details, pearl accents with chiffon and soft veils of colour. Think pretty powder pinks, blues and greys at Alexis, sultry smoke grey eyes and nude lips at Emilio Pucci, starry make-up with dark tones and midnight hues at Rodarte. 

The Baked Powder Collection Features 18 baked powder eye and cheek shades, Shadowline and brushes for 2012's update on the smoky eye.

The Front Cover sets provide you with everything you will need to create professional results i your on home, with photographic guides and easy to follow instructions.  

The eyeshadow quality is out of this world, not a washed out colour in sight just highly pigmented, intense shades that will give even the most shadow shy woman a fantastic result! 

For those of you who may have never seen Front Cover the one thing I really want to tell you about is the Shadowline that comes in this kit.

Shadowline is a fabulous product that works well with all eye shadows and also loose powders to turn them into eyeliner, it's like magic & once you test it out you'll wonder how you ever lived without it.

I created just one of the possible looks you can create with this set, a gorgeous striking purple design, starting by taking the eye shader brush in the box i picked out one of the light shades from the Apricot & Cream Baked Eye and Cheek Colours in the box... 

I swept the colour right across my eyelid, right up to the brow bone. Just to give myself a nice base and to help the liner stand out.

Then using the Shadowline in the kit I scooped out a little of the Black Hole Eye Shadow and mixed it into a paste on my hand...

 Then starting from the inside corner of my eye I swept the liquid colour along the base of my lashes...

Using the Shadowline again I scooped out some of the Dotty Eyeshadow and mixed into a paste using the Shadowline Brush...

Sweeping the beautiful lilac hue across my lid, it compliments the Black Hole so well...


 And voila! 
So simple yet so effective, I then finished the look off with a sweep of the Apricot & Cream palette using the enclosed brush, which gives a gorgeous warm shimmering tone across the cheek bone. 

As the weather gets (hopefully) sunnier and warmer I cant wait to experiment with the other amazing colours in this kit, and the results of which I will share as soon as I have played around. 

The quality of the make up is fantastic, and it really does allow you to achieve professional results at home, so nights out will never be stressful again when you have such an easy to follow guide & all the tools to create the perfect look. 

Even the boxes are made to be shown off, this one looks like a book.

Check out the stunning range of sets on offer at the Front Cover Cosmetics Website, I hear that a on line store will be up and running soon!
You can also join them on Facebook or Tweet them @FrontCoverCos

Have you created any looks using Front Cover Cosmetics?

CF xxx 

*I'd like to say a huge thank you to the gorgeous Lucy for my sample*

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  1. Thanks for the lovely review! So glad you liked Frontcover. Baked Powder's one of our favourites too and has proved very popular with brides. You can now buy the sets direct from www.frontcovercosmetics.com and wait until you see our autumn winter collection.....it includes Sugar Rush, edible lip glitter - gorgeous! Love and lipstick, Frontcover Cosmetics.