Tuesday, 8 January 2013

Back to the dark side....

Ok, so I have been a red head for 6 months now nearly and as much as I LOVE the colour I loathe the upkeep, its so much work and to say I'm fed up of the pink grout in my shower, not to mention the stained acrylic nails and towels is an understatement.

So I am taking the plunge and going back to my roots, ok so they're not natural but as good as I can get from a box dye ;)

I am reviewing the Loreal Casting Creme Gloss in Dark Chocolate, I figured as my hair is pretty bright that I would need something with a bit of ooomph to cover my firey locks.

As per the instructions I wet my hair first and towel dried it, I then applied Vaseline to my hairline and round the backs of my ears, to prevent staining.

As I currently have my extensions in I sectioned my hair in to smaller easier to work with sections of hair and applied from root to tip combing, through as I went...

This dye only recommends leaving on for 20 minutes, and after reading a few other reviews online saying that this stuff comes out really dark I wasnt going to chance leaving it any longer.

I must say the amount of product in this kit is impressive I have 20 inch extensions in as well as having quite naturally thick hair and it was plenty to give it a good coating.

The dye contains no ammonia and smells really nice, and the creme formula means no mess, a godsend in comparison to my red dye.

After a pretty nerve wracking 20 minutes I was a little aprehensive as to how this would turn out, because I didnt want my hair to be too dark.

After rinsing my locks I applied the supplied conditioner and I must say after drying and styling it, I love the colour.

Feels nice to have 'normal' hair again, even if it does mean Im back to dull and boring.

To be honest I really feel my red hair was a rebellion stage following my break up, Im settled and happy again now & I am 27 years old so maybe time to ditch the teen dye and get a grip, I am happy to let it go for now anyway, although I cant promise it wont ever re appear.....

So here is my before and after...

A nice deep colour for winter and it means I can sport a few bright lip colours without the risk of them clashing with my hair.

What do you think of my new look?

CF xxx

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