Friday, 4 January 2013

Santa was good to me this year...

        I have had a lot of messages asking what goodies I was lucky enough to get this year,
    needless to say as Dan has recently come into my life I was spoilt rotten, his family made me feel so welcome into their home at Christmas and It was a lovely unexpected way to spend the day.
I wanted to share the pictures of my gifts with you, this post is pic heavy but sometimes its nice to just look at pictures and not do much reading, so enjoy!

I got this stunning Hello Kitty Liberty Bag, full of pampering goodies, cant wait to use these! The bag is super sweet too.

In keeping with the Hello Kitty theme Dan bought me this super cute Gingerbread Hello Kitty Bear, she comes complete with a gingerbread wrist accessory, which smells like gingerbread!

And my housemate bought me these little slippers, awww!

I was very excited to unwrap this stunning Kardashian clutch bag, It's so pretty and sparkly I love it!
Goes with everything, and its huge, even has an outside zip compartment, perfect for lippie without having to rummage in your bag!

I am a lover of Yankee's and candles I was really happy to unwrap these & the honey and spice one is divine!

My other housemate did very well with this gift, he bought me JPG Gift Set, which is delicious, this perfume is one of my faves and getting a gift set so you can layer a fragrance always makes it last longer.

Got this cute little gift set with body products in it, which smell good enough to eat...

 And my main gift from Dan was this....
Paco Rabanne Lady Million Deluxe Gift Set

This is no ordinary gift set, oh no, this bad boy is a limited edition, which you wont find in many shops at all, Dan you did amazing with this present, thank you! xx

                                         Open the lid to reveal an 80ml bottle of fragrance...

The set has a hidden drawer underneath, and it contains extra Lady Million goodies, I got a 5ml miniature, even shaped like the big bottle...

A solid perfume in a charm...

Lady Million Lipstick! Beautiful nude sparkle shade, I will post pics when I use it..

It also comes with a roll on purse spray with a cute charm on it, this set is stunning, I love it soooo much.

Another housemate present was these Body Shop body butters, 5 scents, in a lollipop box, awesome! These butters are really good and smell delicious.

Dan's Mum bought me this stunning bracelet, not a colour I would usually go for but I am sure you'll agree it looks pretty on...
Gifts from my big brother, were so nice to receive!
He knows me well and it shows...check out these chocolates...!!!

 And this Partylite Candle is so beautiful, I love the glass holder & the packaging, the candle smells of forbidden fruit and its divine...

He also sent me a Boots gift voucher which would you believe I actually bought something practical with...
The RRP of this toothbrush was £65 and I got it for just £12.50! Bargain!

What did you get for Christmas? What was your fave and worst gifts?

CF xxx

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  1. Can you please review any slimming products you may have used?? This time of year would be great for that!