Thursday, 21 February 2013

Maybelline The Rocket Volum' Express Masacara

You'll have no doubt seen the adverts on TV for this mascara, and as a girl on a mission for long lashes I had to try this stuff. 

Love the packaging on these Maybelline Mascara's always bright and funky.

 The huge brush scared me a little when I got it out the packet, but I am sure you'll agree when its on the lashes its clump free and looks good, I am really pleased with how it enhances the lashes, and this is just one coat, so you girlies who like lashings of mascara on your lashes will get amaze results from a few coats.

I have been testing mine out on a typical work day and I must say it holds up pretty well, no smudging or flaking, so it really is worth investing if you need a new mascara. 

It promises to deliver up to 8x more volume, and personally I dont go much on the volume factor of this mascara but it does give a really nice effect, and I would say its a perfect day time mascara.

Currently on offer in Superdrug, buy one get the 2nd half price.

Have you tried this new mascara? If so what do you think?


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