Thursday, 18 December 2014

Ministry Of Whitening/ Tooth Whitening

I love the look of white teeth, and I think a smile can be a persons best feature so it's important to look after them as you only get one set.

I've used home whitening kits in the past but they can be so time consuming with results taking up to 2 weeks to show, and the whitening strips can be so strong they cause sensitivity too so it's really only ever a good idea to go to a professional. 

My friend and I recently visited the Clothes Show, having done some research we already had our hearts set on visiting Ministry Of Whitening whilst we were there, you should expect to pay anything between £120-£300 for cosmetic teeth whitening, and the Clothes Show always offers fab discounts, £69 is all we paid for our treatments and they were worth every penny. 

You don't look the most glam whilst the treatment is being carried out, but Ministry Of Whitening put our safety first. We had to clean our teeth with a hard bristle brush and a cleansing treatment before the whitening process could start, then we were handed a mouth guard made of soft silicone filled with a custom amount of the whitening gel to match the size of our teeth, we then had to hold these in our mouths for 20 minutes whilst the gel was activated by the UV light.
I literally couldn't wait to see my before and after as your teeth are measured on the whitening scale before the whitening process beings, I was around 2 on the scale to start with and my friend was around the 5 mark. 

The treatment itself is totally pain free, I was worried about it causing sensitivity but it was actually really relaxing, the glasses made it hard to read anything though so it was just a good chance to sit and relax. 

I am delighted with my results and I cant recommend Ministry Of Whitening highly enough, I've also been given some aftercare products to use at home to continue to lighten, and care for my new smile. 

My aftercare products consist of the Brightening Powder which acts as an exfoliator gently and effectively lifting any stains off the teeth, I also have the 2 Step Teeth Whitening Foam Kit that helps to remove daily stains and give a whitening boost to the teeth every day, I love the foam consistency of the products and they leave your teeth feeling really clean and fresh.
The whitening pen also contains a small amount of whitening gel which is great for nights out and just when you want an extra boost. This kit retailed at around £30 at the show which offered great savings on the retail prices.
Onto my results....
I went 6 shades lighter, and with use of my aftercare products they are getting whiter everyday, I LOVE my results.... my friend went 11 shades lighter and hers look fab too.
Check out the Ministry Of Whitening Website right Here, like them on Facebook for any offers and promotions. 

Huge thank you to Ministry Of Whitening for my new smile, I will be back in a year or so to get them topped up!

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  1. Dear Emma, Thank you for your review. At Ministry of Whitening we are very happy when our customers walk out of our clinic with a new white and bright smile! We look forward in giving many more white and bright smiles! Best Wishes MOW xxx