Tuesday, 28 April 2015

Jimmy Choo/Exotic 2015 Edition

This years bottle is a beautiful turquoise colour, I adore this as my go to summer fragrance. 

Nothing has changed with the perfume itself its exactly the same as last two exotic releases.

If you haven't smelt this yet and you love sweet and fruity perfumes then give it a go, it has real staying power too. Blackcurrant sorbet, pink grapefruit, tiger orchid, passion fruit and raspberries are all packed in to this yummy scent.

The bottle is the same design as the iconic fragrance and this is only available in a 60ml size at around £45. As with every release this one is limited edition, so if you like this colour grab it while you can.

 photo homeeee_zps214aed0e.jpg


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