Wednesday, 15 April 2015

Swarovski/Stardust Bracelet

New Stardust bracelets
This was a beautiful gift from my other half (now fiance) on Valentines Day and although I posted it to my Instagram I felt it deserves it's very own review. 

 As you'll know I'm always accessorising my outfits with Swarovski jewellery, I love it. Fortunately for me my fiance knows I adore it too, so I'm often treated to lovely pieces on special occasions.

So what exactly is The Stardust Collection? 
Well its a stunning range of necklaces and bracelets that are made of soft fishnet tubes that are filled with tiny swarovski crystals. They create a stunning 3D silhouette that really sparkles at all angles.

Although I love my other Swarovski pieces this has to be the most eye catching as it just reflects the light beautifully and glitters so much.

When I first saw this collection I was a little disappointed as the pieces all had gold clasps on them, and I'm not a gold girl. Fear not they also do all the pieces in a choice of either gold or silver so you can indulge which ever you prefer.

My bracelet is a double one, so it loops over and looks as if you have two bracelets intertwined, very cleverly it doubles up as a choker and they are so easy to put on thanks to the magnetic clasps, which makes them feel really secure when your wearing them.

The double bracelets can also be worn as choker style neckalces....
These pieces are now available in 15 colours, some beautiful spring summer shades have just been added (the turquoise one is on my wish list) shop the whole collection by clicking here

Happy Sparkling Lovelies! 

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