Monday, 12 October 2015

Marc Jacobs/Decadence

Marc Jacobs latest offering is simply stunning, I was lucky enough to receive this for my 30th Birthday yesterday.

Decadence is, in my opinion different to previous releases in the sense that it's more musky and heady, rather than light and floral.

Italian plum, saffron, bulgarian rose, iris and papyrus wood give this it's mature and grown up scent.
The thing I LOVE about this is the bottle design, MJ always designs bottles that should be displayed, this is no exception. It's designed to look like a handbag! Even the chain is functional, it's so girly and adorable.

The fragrance has real staying power, a spray lasts all day, and I've had so many compliments on it already. Perfect for the colder months as it really is a warm fragrance.

Shop Decadence now in stores nationwide, prices start from £49 for 30ml, also avaliable in 50 & 100ml sizes.
The box is covered in a deep emerald green shade of velvet, and it really matches the scent perfectly.

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