Thursday, 29 March 2012

Crazy Angel Express Tan Duo

If you have not yet had the Crazy Angel experience then you need to try this stuff.
Crazy Angel were kind enough to send me these tanning duo kits, all you need to get bronzed!

I cannot stress enough how important prepping your skin is before tanning as your results really do depend on how well you prepare the skin.

If your not sure on prep here is a simple guide...
  • Exfoliate the night before your tan, concentrate on rough/dry areas of the body, such as your knees, elbows, wrists, hands, feet, neck and hairline.
  • On the day of your tan DO NOT apply any body products or make up and have a shower, washing only the bits that you need to!
  • Apply moisturiser to the dry/rough areas you exfoliated, as this helps the tanning product glide over the skin, and stops clinging in these areas.
  • Always use a tanning mitt to apply your product, it gives a much better finish and a flawaless application.
  • Leave your tan on for as long as possible before showering, usually 8-12 hours gives an even better result.
  • When showering the next day your colour guide will wash off, do not be alarmed, you will be left with a golden glow!
  • After your post tan shower PAT your body dry, never rub as you risk ruining your tan.
  • Moisturise daily to prolong the life of your tan & exfoliate on day 4, and 7 to ensure an even fade & to prevent patches.
I couldnt wait to test this stuff, so I grabbed a friend and we got tanning!

Crazy Angel Express Tan Duo £24.95, Consists of Tan Extending Moisturiser, Fast Tan Liquid and a Mitt.

On my friend I used the Crazy Angel Fast Acting Liquid Tan, I have never used a liquid tan before and the concistency scared me a little, but i am amazed at how easily it went on to the skin.

The mitt included in this kit is gorgeous, super smooth velvet to the touch, and feels really luxiourious to use, simply pop a bit of liquid on the mitt and smooth on to the skin.
The liquid is really easy to apply and melts into the skin, it has a colour to it so you can see exactly where you have applied it.

The smell of the Crazy Angel Tanning products is consistent throughout the range, and it seriously smells delicious! As you fake tan addicts will be all to familiar with the biscuity smell whilst developing you could literally apply this and get dressed and go out as it smells really nice, Infused with Bearberry and Shea Butter it also feels really kind to skin, and very moisturising too.

I was most impressed witht the fact that there was no real dry time with this liquid, it states on the bottle to wait 5 mins before getting dressed but by the time youve applied it to your whole body you will be good to go.

I would say that by the 8/10 hour mark you will get a slight whiff of tan come through, but its really not as strong as some other tanning products on the market.

Here is my friends skin immedietly after application...

My friend is really pleased with her colour, we will be waiting to see how it fades!

Once again HUGE thank you to Crazy Angel Tan for my samples, love your products!

Head over to Crazy Angel Tan HERE and treat your self, fantastic customer service & amazing products.

Let me know if you've tried Crazy Angel Tan, would love to hear your views!

CF xxx

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