Friday, 2 March 2012

Dove Maximum Protection

I'm currently testing out the new range of 'Maximum' Protection Anti Perspirant.

There was only one other company who made an extreme version like this, but I'm really glad that Dove's own range has just hit the shops. I'm currently using the Pomegranate & Lemon Verbana Fragrance and it smells delicious!

These maximum protection deodorants work different to your traditional aerosol version in the way that you apply it before you go to bed whilst your sweat glands are least active & it builds up a level of protection ready to protect you for the day ahead. It's a cream formula, and you just need 2 clicks of the wheel to dispense the right amount of product. It feels so kind to your underarms, and as its made by Dove it has 1/4 moisturisers in it.

The cream is amazing!

Even in the morning when you shower it doesn't wash off!

This stuff has real staying power & as the weather will (hopefully) be hotting up soon it's a great product to start using. I know some of you say that your conventional spray aerosols just don't keep you feeling dry & smelling fresh enough when you start to perspire during the day, if you also fall into that category then you should definitely try this stuff!

It retails for between £4 & £5, you can order on line from boots.com:

Stay fresh my beauties!

CF xxx

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