Sunday, 4 March 2012

Eyelash Palace

For the lash lovers out there you need to take note...

Eyelash Palace were kind enough to send me some of their lashes to review, all of which can be purchased on their website for just 99p!

And i must say i am very impressed, usually cheaper lashes don't work very well, or they are to stiff and don't go on properly, even the glue was good with these.

I was sent 3 different styles of lash....Natural, Criss Cross & Glamour Lashes, I have included lots of shots so you can see the lashes from different angles, looking up, side on eye open, side on eye closed & both eyes looking down, as lash lovers know its all about the length and flutteriness!

These lashes would be perfect for someone who likes to wear falsies every day, they would even be suitable for work, without looking to much, so pretty & very girlie, yet simple. They felt so light on the eyes and would be comfortable to wear all day.

The next set are the Criss Cross lashes..

These would be perfect for a day-night look as they are suitable for daily wear, but not as understated as the natural ones above, the criss cross effect is really pretty and very girlie! Again they are really light on the eyes and would be comfortable to wear all day. Find these in the Criss Cross section on the Eyelash Palace website. 

And finally the Glamour Lashes...(my personal fave) 

These are gorgeous! My personal fave, as I love big lashes. Again surprisingly not heavy at all to wear, and they give such a stunning bold effect. Perfect for a night out, or if your brave enough wear them day to day! You can find these under the Full Glamorous Lashes section on the Eyelash Palace website.

For perfect lashes, that wont break the bank Eyelash Palace is the only website you'll ever need!
Check out their website:
Find them on Twitter @EyelashPalace
& dont forget to add their Facebook page: http://www.facebook.com/EyelashPalace
Thanks so much to Eyelash Palace for selecting me to blog for them. 

What do you think of my new lashes? 

CF xxx

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  1. Any tips to apply them? I am a fellow eyelash palace blogger and can't find a way to do mine!!

  2. Hey hunni, what are you having problems with? Have you worn false lashes before? Xx