Monday, 19 March 2012

Nailene SensatioNail

If you are a fan of Shellac, but not the price you'd pay at a salon, then you may want to invest in this amazing kit from Nailene.

Nailene SensatioNail Kit
Nailene Pro LED Lamp

A SENSATIONAIL manicure works out around £5.77 rather than the £25 per manicure from a salon. 

The starter kit comes complete with everything you need to complete TEN sets of nails. 
The compact PRO 360 LED lamp harnesses LED light technology to safely flash harden the SENSATIONAIL gel polish, sealing in the colour for a radiant finish, with zero dry time.

It launched in Boots on the 12th of March, and has been a huge hit!
It retails at £85, but you will get 10 full sets from the products in the kit, and the lamp is included!

So comparing the price of under £6 for a a manicure, where you'd normally pay £25, it's fantastic value for money.

So here is the kit, I wanted you to see everything you get, hence all the pictures!

I could not wait to get started, and my first attempt has turned out great! Its so easy to do, if you can paint your own nails neatly then you will be able to use this kit with no problems at all. 

It comes complete with fool proof instructions, and i did my fingers first and then my thumbs, just to ensure they cured properly.

And here they are all done, shiny, healthy looking, glossy, damage proof nails!

The shade in my kit is Raspberry Wine, and you can also buy Scarlet Red, currently these are the only 2 shades on sale here in the UK.

I will take a picture after 14 days to show you how it wears on the nails, and I will also be testing how easy removal is too.

The colour is absolutely stunning & has a slight fleck through it, I have captured the polish in the sun to try and show you the colour in different lights.

Nailene are due to release 12 more colours in may, and an essentials kit so that you can top up on the bits you need to replenish.

I am so excited about this stuff, and i have some fab ideas to blog about, so watch this space!

Are you tempted by SensatioNail? Let me know if you give it a try!

Be sure to add Nailene:
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and check out the website for more info: http://www.sensationailgel.com/

CF xxx

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