Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Vintage Pout

If you don't own one of these lip balms, then you better get one quick, as the super cute girly design & the all natural organic lip balm are sure to be a big hit with women all over the UK.
I was lucky enough to discover Vintage Pout via Twitter & Michelle, owner of the company was so kind and sent me a one of her lip balms to review.
I couldn't get the package open quick enough when it arrived, and I opened it to find this luxurious little pouch, and inside like a little bag of diamonds was this beautiful Vintage Pout Lip Balm Tin.....

These beautiful tins are available in five stunning designs, there is something for every taste, you can even get it refilled for £5 so your tin will never be empty!

 They come complete with a mirror & these balms are definitely for showing off.....

Here is what Michelle had to say when I interviewed her on her balms.....
So Michelle how did Vintage Pout start?
I have always loved vintage accessories due to my love of the glamour of the old Hollywood era as shown in films such as Gentlemen prefer Blonde's, Breakfast at Tiffany's etc. From when I was a little girl I loved nothing better than going to charity shops and car boot sales collecting vintage brooches, jewellery and pill boxes. 
 And where did you get the idea/your inspiration from?
About 5 years ago I did a diploma in Aromatherapy and fell in love with making my own products using organic ingredients and the finest essential oils. One day I was making a lip balm for a friend and wanted to put it in a case worthy of the ingredients instead of a plastic tub, so I went for a rummage in my jewellery box and pulled out one of the pill boxes. My friend loved it and the idea for Vintage Pout was born. As vintage pill boxes can be quite expensive I decided to develop a range of beautiful jewelled pill boxes that everyone could afford.
Do you hand make the tins & lip balm? 
After many many months of searching, I found an international supplier who makes high quality pill boxes up to my specification and we are currently working together on a few exciting design ideas!
I make the lip balms up in my kitchen! As business has increased I have started to use a specialist organic company to make up batches of the lip balm up for me so that I can get the pill boxes filled quicker and out to the customers.
Have any celebrities been seen with your balm? 
I only officially started trading in December so I haven't sent out many celebrity gifts as yet but as a scouser I just had to send the lovely scousewives one each and those that have received them have all tweeted to thank me, Debbie O'Toole even tweeted a pic!
My dream celebs to own one of my lip balms would be Paloma Faith, Fearne Cotton or Alexa Chung..I can dream!

Perfect as a treat for your girly friends, mum, sister etc, if you can bare to give it away!

You can get your very own Vintage Pout Balm for just from the website direct: 
http://www.vintagepout.com/default.html and you can find them on Twitter @VintagePout and on Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vintage-Pout/112965518813742

Priced at just £14, I really feel these are superb value for money, because the tins are made to such a high quality, and the attention to detail really makes this feel like a luxury product.

And don't forget Michelle offers a refill service, so you'll never be without your Vintage Pout, the lip balm is so refreshing, and feels light and very moisturising with a gentle peppermint hint to it. 

Huge thank you to the gorgeous Michelle for allowing me to review her company, Vintage Pout is the hottest place to get yourself a vintage glam lip balm! 

CF xxx

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  1. Thank you for such a refreshing blog of this product. Sorry I can't chat, I am away to buy one before the sell out! X

    1. You won't be sorry, the balms are so nice! I love mind :) xxx

  2. Oooh am bursting to give these a try!!!!

  3. Continued from comment above.... Just bought one x

  4. Did you go for peppermint or choc orange? And which tin did you go for? Enjoy hunni, mine is never out of my sight! xxx