Saturday, 19 October 2013

Benefit 'Hoola' Blusher

It's no surprise Hoola is the UK's number 1 selling bronzer, it's not shimmery, it's not glittery, it's a solid plate of natural bronze colour, perfect for adding a natural looking sunkissed glow to your complexion. It really doesn't look exciting in the box, although again the packaging really appeared to me the little bamboo details and the green handled brush in the box really add to the Hawaiian feel of Hoola.  
The brush in the box is perfect for making the blush portable and make up friendly, as it really protects it from getting smashed or cracked, and whilst I was on holiday it added a gorgeous glow to my sunkissed skin, i even swept it across my decolletage. Now I'm home and the tan is fading fast its still giving me a hint of healthy colour into what'll soon become my pasty winter complexion!  

Here's a couple of shots showing Hoola on my skin.....

Don't hide away from this even if your fair though, you can keep this as toned down or make it as dramatic as you want, if you are going to invest in a bronzer, this is the one!

Hoola Swatch
Head to your local Benefit counter to grab yours now, or shop it online right here it's £23.50, and I'd say you'll get at least a good 6 months use out of it.

Are you a Hoola Gal?


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