Wednesday, 19 February 2014

MAC/In Synch Lip Pencil

 MAC In Synch Lip Pencil is one of the new additions to my Muji. I always find myself applying lipstick and gloss and to be honest on a night out it can be annoying, I hate having bare lips when I'm out and the MUA's in MAC always rave about using a liner on the lips to give it real staying power. 

I've been lusting after this one for a while now, In Synch is a bubblegum shade, almost a peachy pink with a yellow undertone.
 It's quite dry in comparison to some of the other lip pencils and looks matte when it's applied. 
Exfoliation is key prior to applying this to the lips it wont look good if your lips are cracked and scaly, you can team this with a gloss if you want to, I find MAC Fashion Fanatic is a lovely one to pair it up with, as I have here.....
Or you can leave it if you fancy a spring inspired matte lip, with some real staying power.....
MAC Lip Pencils retail at £12 each, and to be honest they will last you so much longer than a lipstick. 

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