Friday, 7 February 2014

River Island/Floral Blazer

My Instagram followers have been swooning over my recent uploads this past couple of weeks, I've been spying a lot of pastel, spring esque fashions. 
Topshop is full of pretty pastels, there are loads of cute prints around to, not to mention the brights on offer in River Island.

I've been eyeing up a blazer in River Island since it arrived in store last week, I saw it and it was literally love at first sight.
It is very Mary Berry (GBBO) but florals and prints are going to be huge this year so it's worth investing in a few key pieces.
I love how the bright neon colours are beautifully contrasted on the light grey background, the blazer is textured to and it really will be so versatile with so many things.
Priced at £50 and in stores and on the RI Website right now, if your looking for a blazer to take you through spring and summer then this is a great one to invest in. 
The print reminds me a lot of my beloved Ted Baker handbag with the oil painting print on it. 

I have picked up a few other lovely pieces lately, and I'm off on a shopping spree next weekend so I'll put together a haul post for you all then. 

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