Monday, 17 February 2014

Skincare/My Current Routine

I've always found it hard to get the balance just right when it comes to skin care. I've never suffered with dry skin, just oily/combination skin, the oil side of things is now under control the flare ups that come with the hormone induced tendencies of being a woman however, hmmm not so much. 

I think I've got a few really good products in the mix now and they seem to work well for me, so here are my skincare hero's.....
Body Shop Tea Tree Squeaky Clean Scrub
Priced at £6.50 for 50ml, I'd say I use a tube every 6 weeks, along with my Phillips Visapure Cleansing Brush this leaves my face super clean without leaving it dry. I think this is really good for getting at blackheads too!

Body Shop Tea Tree Facial Toner 
Priced at £5.00  for 250ml this is really good value for money, is say use is 4-5 weeks per bottle, although it seems to have a strange sediment that settles at the bottom, although the sales assistant assures me it doesn't affect the results of the toner to me it doesn't look pretty. This toner is great all year round, and keeps breakouts at bay to a certain extent and helps dry them out when they do erupt.

Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
I hated the smell of this when I first used it but as soon as the product dries you cant smell it at all, so don't be put off, all the Body Shop Tea Tree products do have a really strong smell but the products do work. I use a pea sized amount of this morning and evening after cleansing and toning, it gives the skin a really matte finish and is a perfect base for your primer to go on top.
Priced at £8 for 50ml, it's really good value for money and helps dry up breakouts when you have them.

Fade Out Eye Cream
I've just recently reviewed this cream, if you missed it catch up HERE. This little tube cost me under £9 and is still going strong I use the tiniest amount day and night and I am continuing to enjoy the lightening and brightening effect its having on my eyes.

Estee Lauder Pore Minimising Skin Refinishing Serum
This is my newest addition to my routine, (my boyfriends mum uses it, always has she tells me and at 61 her skin is amazing) it is pricey but I am so glad I've given this one a shot, it's designed to target those pesky pores, which for me are one of my biggest skin flaws. This is a skin treatment so it must be applied after toning and before moisturiser. It leaves your skin feeling like satin and I no longer have to re powder through the day as it really seems to keep my t zone oil free.
Although it doesn't stop breakouts its helped dramatically even out my skin tone, and reduce my pores so I'm really happy with the results it's given me. Prices start from £41 for 30ml, but one pump is all you need per application.

Mario Badescu Buffering Lotion & Drying Lotion
In my battle of the breakouts these products work well as a duo at combating unsightly spots, the buffering lotion must be shaken well and it's a really runny consistency, this stuff is best applied to those 'under the skin' really painful cystic spots, the ones that haven't yet appeared but the ones you know are going to hurt when they do, a couple of nights blasting them with this and they reduce greatly, catch them in time and they don't surface at all. It's pretty pricey at £15ish but the amount you use means this will last you probably a good 12 months. Doesn't dry the skin, and seems to (so far) prevent breakouts.

The drying lotion is a really weird product, its a dual layer liquid which you must not shake, you take a cotton bud and place it in the jar right down to the pink layer, then you dot it on the affected area, this is good for spots that you've already been squeezing or picking (we all do it) as it will dry them out and leave you with a much smaller scab by the morning, smells quite strong and leaves you with pink dots all over your face, but hey beauty means no boundaries right :) Calming calamine lotion and salicylic acid makes the spot almost disappear while you sleep. Expect to pay around £14 for this one, but again a really good product to have if a breakout appears. Great for spots elsewhere on the body too.
Shop the entire Mario Badescu range in the UK at Harvey Nicols

What skincare products cant you live without?


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