Thursday, 5 February 2015

Haircare/Caring For Hair Extensions

I've had so many of you asking about how I'm caring for my new locks so I thought I'd put all my recommended products together in a post for you. 

Looking after your hair is key if you choose to have extensions and I can't stress that aftercare really is important if you want to keep your hair looking like new. 

No matter how your extensions are fitted, so if you have bonds, micro rings, sewn in, or mini locks like I do you need to ensure your shampoo is sulphate free. Sufate is a chemical which causes breakdown of the delicate bonds in the hair and they cause your extensions to slip and move, which is of course something you'll want to avoid.

There are so many shampoo's on the market however many of them will be packed full of sulfates, while these coat your hair and make your shampoo lather up they are no good for your hair.

Please make sure you de tangle your hair and give it a brush through before washing it too, this is really important because washing the hair makes it fragile and you don't want to risk breakage by having to battle knots when wet! There is so much stigma around not being able to wash your hair when you have extensions, that's so not true! I am finding I can even keep up my active lifestyle with mine in and they are absolutely fine.

When washing them pop your shampoo into your palms, add a drop of water and lather up in your hands, then using your fingers carefully go into your scalp in between your bonds at the root area and give them a good wash, never rub or wash down the length of your hair extensions you don't need to scrub them like your own hair, when you rinse the suds from your scalp the shampoo runs down the hair extension lifting any dirt away with it. 

My recommended shampoo's are
Loreal Hair Expertise EverRiche Shampoo this retail at under £6 per tube and is really nice on the hair, keeps it feeling moisturised and still gives a good lather despite the sulfate free formula. They do several different versions of this, so one for colour, or for frizz, one for moisture and one for repair. I personally don't use the conditioner on mine as I find conditioning my hair before adding products after washing makes it feel really dull and heavy, I'll talk a bit more about conditioning later on in the post. 

Beauty Works Pearl Nourishing Suplhate Free Shampoo retails at just under £12 a bottle, but this is specifically formulated for use on hair extensions so they have already taken care of the formula ensuring it's not going to cause any damage. 
This one is suitable for all types of extensions and it smells lovely, it's quite a highly perfumed shampoo but as you should never scrub your hair extensions this gives a really clean feel and scent to the hair after washing.
Osmo Effects Wonder 10 is my real hero product for extensions, I spritz this into my palms and run it through my mid lengths to ends of my hair after patting them dry with a towel, then using a wide tooth comb I gently comb through to ensure its evenly distributed before drying.
This has 10 different aspects to hair care and protection in one product so it really is good, it offers heat protection, cares for both natural and synthetic hair, protects colour, prevents static, detangles, the list goes on! This seals the ends of the hair beautifully and I keep going back to this one. At £9.99 a bottle its such good value and will easily last you a year+ so you definitely get your moneys worth!

Its always good to give your extensions a good injection of moisture, I have a couple of products I find give me the best results, you don't need to be as careful with products for the mid lengths to ends of the hair, however you must make sure your not letting them come into contact with the bond or micro ring at the root area, this applies to any conditioner, the scalp and roots are a conditioner free zone, for me always but most importantly when you have extensions in. 
Beaury Works Pearl Nourishing Argan Oil Mask gives your extensions a new lease of life, makes them feel brand new again after each use. I give my hair a real treat and leave this on for 10-15 minutes once a week. This retails at £11.99 for a pot and it's huge! Smells exactly like the shampoo, it's almost a floral type smell, really nice though and makes the hair smell and feel clean whilst keeping it intensively moisturised.

Argan Secret Miracle Masque is a little pump bottle that's perfect for popping on the ends of the hair if you wash more regularly, it keeps heat damage and split ends at bay. This smells lovely, almost a little musky and is easily dispensed while in the shower. This retails at around £8 and will last ages, a couple of pumps is plenty to give good results.
On days I don't wash and I need an extra refresh I spritz Batiste Dry Shampoo Care & Vitality over my hair, this is a new addition to the Batiste range and is sulphate and paraben free. This stuff is a bargain at under £4 a can and keeps your hair looking fresh without putting the stress of washing on it, it's really not good for your hair to wash everyday, you strip it of the natural oils and it becomes very dry and brittle.

For a treat on the go, and to give a nice glossy finish I always have a bottle of Avon's Morroccan Argan Oil Serum to hand. On days like today when I've popped my hair up into a pony I've popped one pump into my hands and run it through the ends of my hair just to breathe a little life and moisture into my hair.

Heat protection is a must and I do have a seperate product for this purpose, which I spritz on if im just putting my hair up and want to go over the ends, I love the smell of this stuff and the small bottles are perfect they last ages! TRESemme Heat Defence is my go-to styler protector spray. 

You'll have noticed a reoccurring theme with all these products, they are all about moisture! That's the most important as the hair that's put in when you have extensions doesn't get nourishment from your scalp so you have to look after it.

A good brush is also a must, although the only brush you should use near the root area is one thats been specifically designed for use with extensions. I use a loop brush on my hair when it's dry, and I only ever use a wide tooth comb on it after washing. Both cheap to pick up and the essential tools for keeping your hair looking nice.

It's easy to be confused with which shampoo and which brush to buy when you have new hair, I've certainly tried and tested most brands over the years and these are my staple products. Of course most brands of hair extensions have their own range of haircare products, I cant comment on all of them but they are designed to specifically work in harmony with the hair you have so it's worth asking your hair technician when you have your hair fitted.

I know so many girls who just say they use normal shampoo and conditioner on their extensions, but I can also safely say their hair isn't in good condition, so my advice... don't skip aftercare, looking after your hair stops them looking like rats tails, and chances are you'll have paid hundreds for your hair so of course you should want to keep it looking good for as long as you can to get maximum wear time out of it.

Also putting your hair in a loose pony will stop matting at night time while you sleep, and for me I pop it up into a loose pony when excercising too, although a plait is ok it doesnt allow sweat to escape and your essentially just trapping it in the hair so i dont recommend this when getting your sweat on. 

I hope you all find this helpful so many of you have asked for aftercare advice. 


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