Monday, 16 February 2015

Lashes By Samantha/Sam Faiers Eyelash Collection

I'm truly honoured to have been given the opportunity to review these fabulous lashes by the beautiful Sam Faiers*.

Sam's taken the beauty and fragrance industry by storm with her fragrance La Bella going straight to the top spot in the Fragrance Shop Charts, and as shes become a huge style and beauty icon to women worldwide, I can see these being a huge hit too.
'Lashes By Samantha' is Sam's second product launch and these lashes really bring something special to the world of faux lashes, Sam has worked really hard on this collection to bring three fabulous styles, something for every occasion and whether your new to falsies or a lash queen like me I am sure your going to adore these.
The lashes all have a tapered end meaning the look is much more natural and not blunt like other falsies on the market. One feature that would always attract me to this collection is the clear band that sits along the lash line, meaning these are undetectable when on the eyes. The lashes are so soft and flexible they are so simple to apply and dont need blending in with mascara.

Some of us have very sensitive skin and being allergic to latex in the adhesive can rule lashes out for some of us altogether, well not anymore! Sam's also brought a latex free glue to this range so there really is no need to miss out. The adhesive is clear and holds the lashes perfectly well, I didnt have any lifting or any issues with the glue not sticking, and it goes tacky nice and quickly. The angled applicator on the glue makes applying it to the lash band really easy too.

Lets take a closer look at the range of lashes:
'Oh So Natural' are a perfect day time lash, or for those just starting out with falsies if you don't want anything to full on. These are really delicate and add a hint of length as well as volume. These could be worn during the day and be suitable for mid week drinks or a night out if you prefer a less full lash. You can keep your eyes really subtle and add a nude lip colour to complete this look.

'If Looks Could Kill' are a volumising lash that adds a hint of glamour whilst giving the eyes a real seductive look. This style is perfect for adding definition to the eyes, really opening them up and giving a real feminine look. You could add a hint of colour to the eyes, a brown smoke or some neutrals and add a pinky lip colour to complete this look.

'Glam It Up' Are for the super glam, lash loving girlies. These are not for the faint hearted and they add super volume, length and glamour to the eyes. For me these are the showstoppers and would be amazing to wear to a special event. These ooze glamour and adding a full smokey eye and a red, or bold lip would prefect the look.

Personally I love the 'If Looks Could Kill' lashes they were my choice of lash for my Valentines date night this weekend. 

When asked about her range this is what the beautiful Miss Faiers had to say:

"I wanted to create my own lash range as I wear lashes everyday, I suffer with trichotillomania, so this was the perfect opportunity for me. I personally wear every design from my range and I've been involved in every aspect of them, from the design, to the packaging and the style. 

I wanted to create styles that were fabulous, flexible and comfortable, all with the added benefit of latex free glue. My lashes are designed to be reusable and designed to be trim-able and will accentuate the eyes with the unique tapered end. They are suitable for all eye types and wont break the bank. 

I've bought thousands of lashes over the years as I wear them everyday, so I hope my fans will love them, I've aimed to create the perfect lash at an affordable price"

Lashes By Samantha are available from Very.co.uk at just £5 per pair, incredible value for such a good quality lash.

*PR Samples

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