Tuesday, 4 June 2013

2True Pro WOW Mascara

I have been reviewing a lot of mascara lately.

This one from 2True* costs just £3 and is really good value for money. 
It’s waterproof although it doesn't state this on the tube, I love the pink packaging too.

The brush makes application really easy, although I don’t find it gives much volume it holds all day and isn't clumpy or flaky.
My lashes never curl very well but that’s because they are naturally straight, very annoying!

The mascara actually holds up pretty well, here are my peepers after a day in the office, and a 90 minute gym session….. 

I would say this mascara is great for girlies on a beauty budget and as an inexpensive day to day mascara. 

Grab your own & check out the rest of the range right now at the 2True Online Shop, Like the Facebook Page or Tweet them @2trueCosmetics

Have you ever used 2True Cosmetics? 


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