Saturday, 22 June 2013

HD Brow Palette 'Foxy'

Unless you've been hiding under a rock for the past few months you'll be well aware of the Big Brow trend, making a comeback on the catwalks last year bigger brows have had real staying power and it seems, the bigger the better.

Your eyebrows are the frame to your face, and it really is amazing what a difference spending just 5 mins a day on grooming them and defining them can make, they really lift your eyes and make them pop.

I personally beef my own brows up everyday and cringe at the sight of my old school tadpole brows.

Are you guilty of tweezing yours into oblivion, or do you embrace the natural bushy look that you were blessed with?

I have recently been reviewing the HD Brow Palette*, I have previously been an avid follower of Christian Brows, I reviewed their palette last year, If you missed it catch up right HERE

I get asked so often what I use on my brows, and I really do think that pallets give a much softer look in comparison to an eyebrow pencil, and I love the ease and blend ability you can only get from a powder.

As I am a brunette I have been using the 'Foxy' palette, HD Brows offer it in 3 colourways so there is something to suit everyone, and will help you achieve the look you want.

The HD Brow palette is long lasting, and I have been putting it to the test wearing it for 8 hours at work and then putting it through its paces during an hours cardio in the gym, to be honest when the rest of my face has long gone the only part of my mornings make up application that still looks good is my brows, so I would definitely agree it has some serious staying power!

The brush in the mirrored compact gives you the tools you'll need in order to maintain a sharp and precise application, every time. Sometimes if you have your brows done in a salon it's hard to recreate the look, this palette will definitely help you to achieve it in your own home.

Here is a couple of recent shots of me with my brows done with my HD palette.....

Order your very own palette direct from the Nouveau Beauty Group Online Store for £19.95.

Do you define your brows daily, or have you yet to be brave and tackle the slugs, or tadpoles gracing your forehead?!


*PR Sample

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  1. I want one sooooooo bad! These shades look so perfect for my colouring :) I've followed by gfc... You've just hit 50 :D xxx

    Gemma xxx ❤ xxx


    1. It really is a lovely palette hun, treat yourself!

      I will follow back, thanks doll face :) xx