Sunday, 18 August 2013

Beauty Works Hairpieces

Do you long for locks like Kim K? 
Fed up with your short hair preventing you from on trend styles? 

Seriously look no further than celeb hair to the stars providers...

Beauty Works provide hair to the stars and allow you to create the latest hair trends in the comfort of your own home. Award winning Beauty Works is the only place to shop for all things hair, from bonded extensions to clip in pieces that take just seconds to apply, yet they give the impression of hours of work.

Beauty Works hair is of such a high quality and standard you can rely on getting value for money as well as feeling you've really invested your money into a long lasting product.

The lovely Amy at Beauty Works sent me a lovely package containing 2 of the 'on trend' pieces for summer, and I couldn't wait to try them out.

I've been reviewing the Messy Bun in shade #4 which is the Chocolate shade, this cute little messy bun is perfect for instant glamour if you wear it to the side, or pop it up high for an on trend look. It has a drawstring inside which allows you to secure it on to your hair, simply pop your own hair up underneath and pop it over the top. I secure with a few extra pins to to make sure its safely in, and there you have it. Instant glam with minimal effort.

Here's how I wore it.....

The Beauty Works Messy Bun retails at £22.99 buy it here now!

I have also been wearing this chunky Fishtail Braid and the amount of people who have asked me how I did my hair shows that it is really realistic looking, and again it's so easy to apply!

The hairband has an adjustable elastic band on it, which is super stretchy and really comfortable to wear, this is perfect for holidays, and festival season, and is a must have this summer.

Here's how I wore mine.....

The Fishtail Braid retails for just £12.99 get yours by clicking here

Get celeb inspired hair in an instant, head over to the Beauty Works Online Shop right now, and follow them on Facebook or Tweet them @beauty_works

Do you own any Beauty Works hairpieces?


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