Sunday, 18 August 2013

Maybelline Baby Lips

These balms are apparently a firm fave with beauty editors worldwide, and they go crazy for them across the pond in the US, I'd be very surprised if you haven't seen these yet, finally they've hit the UK shelves. 

Maybelline Baby Lips are a range of lip balms in the cutest packaging might I add) designed to tend to your lips every need.
I've managed to get my hands on all 6 and I've been reviewing them for the past week, FYI if you can only treat yourself to one go for Pink Punch, I might be just a little in love with it, it's beautiful!

Three of the balms have SPF 20 and they're not tinted
a clear base with a lemon basil scent and SPF20
a clear base with a mint scent and SPF20
a clear base with a cherry almond scent and SPF20

There are also 3 tinted versions of the balms, to allow you to care for your lips whilst adding a hint of colour

blue-based bright pink base with a passion fruit scent

a darker warmer pink base with a cherry scent

a sheer nude base with a peach scent

They claim to last 8 hours on the packaging, this I cant really say I agree with. 
But one thing I will say is that they are not at all sticky, and although they feel really hard and you'd expect them to drag on the lips they don't! They melt beautifully and feel so comfortable to wear, not to mention the yummy scents! And I have all my make up on show, I think having all 6 stood next to each other look lovely, the neon & pastel combo's have given the tubes a really eye catching design. 
The biggest surprise to most of you will be the price, I really was shocked to see them on sale at just £2.99, and if you want to collect your very own then head into Boots or Superdrug NOW they're on 3 for 2 in both stores. 

In my opinion these are must have balms, you can have one in your car, on your desk at work, in your handbag, and in your pocket and one in your gym bag, with that in mind you need all 6, right?! The SPF 20 balms would be perfect for summer weather (if the sun ever comes back to us here in the UK) if not then take one tinted one and one clear one on your summer hols, they'll be all the lip protection you'll need for day and night. 

I can only live in hope that we'll get the other ranges they sell of these little baby's (see what I did there!) really soon, as always I will keep you updated on that. 

Have you succumbed to the Baby Lips trend yet? 

Let me know what you think of these super cute cult balms! 


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