Monday, 5 August 2013

Make Up Storage Part 2

I know I briefly posted my make up storage a few weeks ago, if you missed it catch up right here

 I have had so many questions on it and I have just updated it again this weekend I thought I would share it with you. I don't own as much make up as I used to mainly due to the fact that when I first got my storage I had a major clear out as I only wanted to organise and keep my fave and best products in it. 

I don't wear nail varnish so that saves me a ton of space, meaning I have loads more room for make up. 

Here is my now even bigger (and ever growing) collection.....

The extra 5 drawer unit costs just £24 and its given me 5 extra drawers, they are the perfect depth for mascara and lipglosses.....

I have recently moved things around in our house too, meaning I have my own dressing room now, which allows my Muji & my make up to get the space and attention it deserves! 

Although a gloss black dressing table is firmly on my wish list for when we get our own place, I know this will look good standing proud on a real dresser :)

How do you organise your make up? 


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