Sunday, 18 August 2013

Summer Body Hero's

I've not posted a multi product post in ages, lately I've found some real gems and I wanted to share them with you.

I really LOVE spending money on a product that delivers, and these are really worth parting with your cash over. 

Nivea In Shower Moisturiser
I was totally unsure when I first saw this, but I have to say I'm really impressed, it smells just like the old fashioned blue tubs of Nivea moisturiser, it's perfect for moisturising on lazy days, and works really well at helping to prolong your fake tan, as well as locking in the smell.
It's currently on offer in Boots & Superdrug, this is the bigger of 2 size bottles available and I paid £3.99. 

Body Shop Tea Tree Cleanser & Moisturiser 
After a recent trip to an outlet store I have been curious about the Tea Tree range from The Body Shop for quite some time now. I'm really glad I invested because within days of using it it's really dried out my blemishes and has improved my skin appearance dramatically. The moisturiser is really matte and lasts all day at fighting oil, I no longer have my 1pm shine! Yey! The moisturiser retails at £8 and the toner at £5 bots really good sizes and well worth the money. 

Triple Dry Roll On
I can honestly say I never thought I'd be featuring a roll on as a heroic body product, but I cant not, this is so good. I recently went into Boots to pick up some deo, I usually always go for a spray. I don't find sprays give me enough protection to last all day and I would always have to keep reapplying it. I saw Triple Dry as it was on offer, so I thought I'd try it out. I am so glad I strayed this roll on really does deliver results, I apply it once in the morning and it keeps me dry all day and through my hour gym session after work, it states on the box that with regular use you can cut application down to just 3 times a week, it really does withstand showering, swimming, anything you throw at it. Check it out, I promise you you'll never look back. I paid about £3 for this on a half price promo. 

Sienna X Dark Glowing Tan 
I've always raved about Lauren's way Tan, and when it ran out I needed tan in a hurry, many of you may already use this stuff but I am seriously impressed, I wont ever go back! Sienna tan is the award winning formula, used in salons nationwide. It smells delicious, gives a beautiful natural glow in just one coat. 
They sell this stuff in Marks & Spencer so it's worth popping in to see if your local store sells it. I paid £24 for this bottle. 
I promise to do a full post on this really soon so you can see the before and afters. 

Batiste Conditioning Spray
If your a Batiste gal then you'll know that using dry shampoo can leave your ends a little dull and dry looking, I was really happy to see this on sale, and it really is a perfect addition to your dry shampoo routine. 
Smells lovely and gives shine without weighing your locks down or leaving them looking greasy. 
I paid £2.99 it was on offer though so it'll probably set you back around £4.

Have you discovered any must have products lately? 

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