Monday, 5 August 2013

Vichy Dermablend Fluid Corrective Foundation

I would be very surprised if you hadn't seen this in magazines or in your local drug store. 

Vichy's Dermablend Foundation* £15.50 
It's marketed as a real camouflage make up, so if you suffer from redness, acne, or scarring this may be something you should try. I don't really suffer from any of those issues, but I do have dark circles and I hate my pores, so I was excited to try this out. 

I was a little dubious to stray from my usual double wear foundation and real techniques brush combo but I gave this a go today, and I was actually quite surprised with the results. 

According to the box Dermablend delivers a matte finish, high coverage, a bare skin feel and it has SPF 35 in it! It also provides up to 25% more concentrated pigments than a standard foundation. 

I don't know how Vichy have managed it but the formula is actually very light making it perfect for summer and for those days when you don't want a heavier base, yet it hides everything beautifully! 

My skin is far from perfect but I do really like how this feels on my face, It does give a real bare skin feeling and I think it will be much better to wear during the day at work and then when I hit the gym, it also means I can save my Double Wear for nights out and special occasions!

The above picture is just the Vichy on myface, no primer or concealer, I can only imagine it'll give a real matte and airbrushed finish with my Benefit Porefessional and Fake Up involved. A lot of people say when using this foundation they can skip the concealer, personally I feel naked without a tad under my eyes, but that really is down to personal preference.

Just got to hope it doesn't make me break out although it is specifically designed not to irritate the skin so here's to hoping I have found a new fave in the muji full of face perfecting goodness.

Have you tried Vichy's Dermablend, or are you and avid fan?

Pop into your local Boots now to check out the range for yourself, Dermablend is also available in a stick formula which retails at £19, or order online at Boots.com


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